Seven Things Your Mover Won’t Take on the Moving Truck

For the last few months, you spent hours planning and packing. You are in the middle of moving to your new home, and you have a range of emotions. You are happy and maybe a little anxious. When the moving truck arrives, you might be surprised when the moving company doesn’t allow some items on board. Some of the items are obvious, but you should be prepared to make travel arrangements for everything on this list.

1. Plants

According to Cheap Movers Denver ( movers might not allow plants on the moving truck. In many states, plants have to be transported in specific moving trucks. Plants can carry diseases and bugs to a new state. They can destroy your new garden, and a large infestation can wreak havoc the whole city.


2. Instruments

Instruments should not be moved in a regular moving truck because they are sensitive to temperature fluctuations. All instruments need special handling during the moving process. Instruments, like pianos, must be disassembled and reassembled by a specialist.

3. Wine Collection

A large wine collection cannot be transported in a regular moving truck. The wine bottles can break and wet the boxes. The alcohol can damage important items. Alcohol is also a flammable substance. The collection may need to be transported in a refrigerated moving truck. If you have a wine collection, you should speak with a wine specialist before packing your wine collection.

4. Pets

Pets cannot be transported in a moving truck. Your pet needs to be comfortable during the move. The moving company cannot be held responsible for your pet’s safety. Your pet should travel with you in your car. You should also keep your pet’s food in your car.

5. Combustible and Flammable Products

Combustible and flammable items are a safety hazard, and they cannot be transported in moving trucks. In addition to the moving company’s hazardous materials policy, the local government may have special rules for transporting hazardous materials.

6. Food

Food can attract rodents, so it cannot be transported in a moving truck. Food can also be crushed by heavy boxes. If you have to take your groceries, keep the food in your car.

7. Weapons and Ammunition

If you own weapons and ammunition, you must check the local laws in your new location. Firearm laws can be very different in your new state. If you cannot transport your firearms in a moving truck, a federally licensed weapons dealer can mail the firearms to your new location.


When you are moving hundreds of items, you might go into panic mode trying to find travel arrangements for your valuable items. It is a good idea to put together a list of your valuables a few weeks before your move date. You will reduce stress when you have a transportation plan for all of your very important belongings.

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